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 Review rules, checklists & maps below


Starting check list:
1. Instructions from Frank
2. Inspected for prior damage
3 . Confirm  life jackets on  board
4. Confirm enough fuel
5. Open fuel cap vent
6. On switch
7. Check trim level and thumb  button
8. Neutral when starting
9. Turn key & allow engine to run for 3-5 mins if hasn't run within an hour


Ending / Parking check list:
1. Bumpers out & park on either side of western pier based on wind direction. Have help at the bow with a line. SLOW then kill and drift in.
2 . Key off, off switch down, key out, in neutral, radio and lights all off
3. Close fuel cap air vent every time, notify Frank if fuel is low
4. Tie off tightly to the pier, with plenty of bumpers and no slack in lines
5. Sweep off deck, wipe down surfaces
6. Contact Frank to cover the boat if big weather is coming in or if you are done using it for your stay
7. Report any and all damage or issues to Frank and Don immediately via text, email and photos

Pontoon Rules Image.JPG
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