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Manual / Cleaning / Rules



Pontoon Details

Your Rental Agreement Language


  • Children playing outside should always have on a life jacket and be supervised.

  • No Fireworks  

  • Campfires: you must provide your own firewood, no gasoline. Fires must be totally extinguished before leaving the area.  

  • Pull Grill Away From House: when lighting, preheating & cooking. Allow to cool before moving or covering

  • Close Gas Valve to grill next to house when not cooking

  • Pontoon:  no night rides, no tubing, follow lake rules



                    2. PARKING


Noise: Quiet hours outside start after 9pm on weeknights and 10pm on weekends.

Basic Rules to Follow: 

Boat: Do not access pontoon unless a separate boat rental agreement is in place. No night time boat rides. Everyone must have a life jacket on board to ride. Boat rental agreement and waivers must be signed prior to any use.  

Other Guests: no “other guests” permitted beyond the 10 maximum occupants, contracted guest is responsible for all others behavior in the group. 

Goods & Groceries: bring your own, any items used up (paper toweling, firewood, etc..) or taken will be charged and removed from the security deposit. A full inventory is taken prior to arrival. 

Noise: Quiet hours outside start after 9pm on weeknights and 10pm on weekends.

Cleaning Policy

This Agreement requires that the GUEST clean the entire premises prior to check-out  

or be charged a $500 cleaning fee to be removed from the security deposit. Cleaning the entire premises includes, but is not limited to the list below. Any items missing from the property: home, shed, garage or boat will result in the loss of your security deposit in the amount of the owner’s discretion.  
Cleaning Required but not limited to:  
Dishes cleaned, dried and put away 
Surfaces: wipe down all table and counter surfaces 
Laundry: strip all sheets, pillow cases, duvets or comforter covers (not comforters) that were slept in and leave beside the washing machines in the basement and upstairs bathroom along with dirty towels or other linens  
Floors: Sweep, vacuum and Swiffer wet-jet the floors  
Empty all garbage’s and place in the garbage and recycling bin near the garage. This includes pontoon garbage, Garbage by pier, Deck Garbage, basement garbages and bathroom garbages  Take whatever doesn’t fit in your vehicle. Empty the trash can on the deck also.  

Scrap Grill free of food, rust, grime. Close valve, cover it.
Pontoon if rented: if you rented the pontoon, please sweep it off well, wipe down surfaces and call Frank to have him place the cover back on it. Notify him of any issues with the boat you may have experienced.  See pontoon rules and rental agreement  

When Leaving:  (by 10am)

  1. Check all lights, fans, coffee maker etc.. are off 

  2. Turn the thermostat off 

  3. Triple check all exits are locked and all windows are closed, including 3 seasons room windows and bedrooms.   

  4. Lock the door behind you, leave the keys on the counter top 

  5. Don about any and all damage that occurred with photographs if possible. Being proactive will reduce the security deposit withheld.Report Damage call and text

  6. Clean grill, close gas valve and cover it

If these functions are not all performed and/or if the home is not “as clean” as when the GUEST ARRIVED, there will be a $500 cleaning fee removed from the deposit. “As Clean” is at the Owner's discretion. 




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